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Chuggaaconroy (Real name Emile Rosales) is a well-known LPer, known for informative and funny commentary as well as memorable catchphrases.

He prefers to not show his face to the public, but has previouly shown his face during a live UStream with TheSpeedGamers, and has posted (now deleted) update videos in which he shows his face.

History and InspirationEdit

His YouTube account was created on July 26, 2006 and his first Let's Play was posted on June 10, 2008. He has currently completed a total of 13 Let's Plays.

He was inspired by ProtonJon's Super Kaizo World, even though he doesn't watch his videos anymore, as said in multiple videos.

Let's PlaysEdit

EarthBound/Mother 2

Mother/EarthBound Zero

Paper Mario

Super Mario RPG

Mother 3

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Pokémon FireRed

Super Mario Sunshine

The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Pokémon Crystal


Super Luigi Galaxy


Luigi's Mansion

Pikmin 2


  • Chuggaaconroy is autistic although he constantly try as hard as he can to act like a normal person because he has always dreamed of being one as a child.

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